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Baby barrier paste - Healing & protective
Verdesativa baby barrier paste. Dermatologically tested. A lipidic paste with an high content o..
€ 9.95
Baby body lotion - Protective & moisturizing.
Verdesativa baby body lotion. Protective and moisturizing. Hypoallergenic formula. Ideal daily ..
€ 13.90
Baby shampoo & bath foam
Verdesativa baby shampoo and bath foam. Ph balanced soap and sulphate free. Extra mild detergen..
€ 9.99
Liquid soap - Hemp & citrus fruit
Particularly recommended for sensitive skin, gently cleanses without modifying the natural skin pH, ..
€ 7.99
Protective emulsion against mosquito - Spray (no gas)
Verdesativa protective emulsion against mosquito - Moisturizing and refreshing emulsion for the body..
€ 13.90
Protective emulsion against mosquito - Stick
Verdesativa protective emulsion against mosquito - Stick - Innovative formula made with pure es..
€ 11.00